Investment strategy

We finance and support ambitious companies, preferably together with strong partners. Through our investments we seek to create meaningful and long-lasting value. More than 100 years of history has taught us that active ownership makes a difference.

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We apply our active ownership approach across three business areas:

  • Financial Investments
  • Active Ownership Investments
  • Real Estate Investments

Financial Investments

Our financial portfolio is highly liquid and well diversified across companies and geographies. We invest directly in listed equities in the Nordic region and the US.

Our target for the financial investments is to deliver above market returns on a risk-adjusted basis, while ensuring that Holta Invest maintains its financial flexibility across cycles.

The portfolio is characterized by:

- High degree of diversification

- A systematic screening process focusing on eliminating non-performing companies

- Yearly rebalancing

- No financial gearing

Real Estate Investments

Our current portfolio is closely linked to our heritage at Notodden, Telemark.

We are currently revising our strategy within this business area and seek to increase our exposure significantly over the next few years.

Active Ownership Investments

We have a track record of developing successful companies through our active ownership approach. Currently, we hold a concentrated portfolio of 10-15 companies.

We strongly believe that active ownership makes a difference. In the long run, all companies will benefit from having a strong owner that can support and challenge management to develop the company in the right direction for all stakeholders.

The single most important element to create a successful company is always people. Thus, an essential task for us is to ensure that portfolio companies have the right management and board of directors to execute on its strategy. Together with management, we prepare a detailed plan for how to create sustainable value.

We have a track record in assisting our portfolio companies with:

- Scaling

- Internationalisation

- Restructuring

- M&A / buy-and-build strategies

- Public listing processes

- Financing and balance sheet optimization

- Exits

The Holta family has an infinite horizon on their holding in Holta Invest. This is further reflected in our long-term investment perspective, where our goal is to build strong and healthy companies.