Investment strategy

We are active long-term investors. Our vision is to be one of the leading private investment companies in the Nordics and to create meaningful and long-lasting value through our investments.

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We create value by applying our collective experience and competence combined with our competitive advantages through:

  • Acquiring substantial ownership in listed or unlisted companies where we believe long-term value can be enhanced through active ownership. Active ownership is exercised through engaged participation in boards and close cooperation with the management of the companies.
  • Active management of a portfolio of financial investments within the asset classes, industries and geographies considered to be attractive under the prevailing market conditions at the particular time.

We believe it is a strength that we are active both in the financial markets and operate as a long-term industrial owner of private and listed companies. Our knowledge of the financial markets combined with our industrial experience form a strong platform for making the right investment decisions.

Financial investments

Although our mandate is open to invest in a wide range of asset classes and geographies the investment strategy is to focus on Norwegian and Swedish listed equities. The risk profile and the allocation strategy continually reflect our perception of the macroeconomic environment.

The concentration of our financial investments is publicly traded companies that have both the potential for revaluation and value creation. We believe in active ownership – performed by ourselves or other investors. Our primary focus is companies within the healthcare, technology, retail and energy sectors.

Our investment strategy is characterized by:
- Long-term investment horizon
- No financial gearing
- Active portfolio management and absolute return
- High liquidity requirement

Early stage investments

Investment in companies at an early stage is not considered core activity for Holta Invest. We have a lot of respect for identifying and selecting the future leaders at an early stage, and the support required to make them succeed.

However, we do make exceptions on a case by case basis. Such investment decisions will to a large degree be based on the quality of the management, the company must be within a field where we have a particular interest and represent a potential to make a significant impact. Of course, it must also represent a prospect of an attractive financial return.

Our investments within this business area comprise N2 Applied, Decisions and Prai

Active ownership investments

We strongly believe in active long-term ownership. In the long run, all companies will benefit from having a strong owner that can support and challenge management to develop the company in the right direction for all stakeholders.

The single most important element to create a successful company is always people. Thus, the most important task for us is to ensure that the companies in which we invest have the right management and board of directors to execute the strategy.

When we make an investment, we commit considerable time and resources to develop a deep understanding of the industry, the company and the value-enhancement potential. Together with management, we prepare a concrete plan for how to create sustainable value and deal with the challenges and opportunities ahead. We then work closely with, and support, management on specific projects in their execution of this plan. We have a constructive, hands-on approach where we draw on the financial and industrial experience of our own organization, our portfolio companies and our extensive network.

We have a long-term perspective and our goal is to build strong and healthy companies. We never enter into an investment with the intention of making an exit. However, if we arrive at the conclusion that a certain investment no longer represents an attractive potential, or that it would be better off with another main owner, we actively drive an exit process in order to find a better owner for the company and to maximize the value for all shareholders. We then take pride in passing on companies of high quality to a new owner.