We believe that fish farming will play an ever-important role to meet the dietary needs for a growing global population. Fish farming is recognized as the most environmentally friendly source of animal protein, and we believe more of the global food production will come from the sea.

Our current investments within this focus area are as follows:

Image of FSV Group AS (33%)

FSV Group AS (33%)

FSV Group is a leading supplier of offshore services to Norwegian aquaculture. The current fleet consists of 13 service vessels on contract with the major fish farming companies. FSV Group is rapidly expanding and is an industry leader within fleet electrification and innovative vessel concepts.

Image of Icelandic Salmon (3%)

Icelandic Salmon (3%)

Icelandic Salmon is Iceland’s biggest aquaculture company. Founded in 2009, in a small Icelandic village inside a long fjord called Arnarfjordur, Icelandic Salmon has from the beginning focused on three key factors when it comes to farming salmon – people, environment and biology.

Image of Stingray Marine Solutions (3.7%)

Stingray Marine Solutions (3.7%)

Stingray’s optical delousing technology kills salmon lice with laser while also monitoring health of farmed fish 24/7. The result is healthier fish, larger fish and better economics – on nature’s own terms.

Image of Columbi Salmon

Columbi Salmon

Columbi Salmon was founded by the Refsnes family, Norwegian salmon industry veterans who saw a need for salmon production with an improved environmental footprint. Columbi Salmon aims to develop Europe’s leading sustainable salmon farming company, with improved animal welfare and minimal environmental footprint.

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