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Hard work and preparedness combined with a piece of good luck. These are key ingredients in the life of Kjetil Holta as well as in the history of Holta Invest.

Holta Invest was established by Kjetil Holta’s father in 1983 and at the age of 18 his son was introduced to the Holta family’s ownership role in the Tinfos companies that had been part of the family history since 1894.

Being the youngest child in the family and most of all focusing on athetlics, it was not obvious that Kjetil Holta would be the one literally taking over as fourth generation owner of the Tinfos companies. However, becoming the owner of 16 shares in Holta Invest and an accident that ruined Kjetil’s dream of becoming a top athlete were the events that formed the path for his future.

Kjetil Holta wanted to be an active owner. He soon developed a strong interest for how he could contribute to a solid return on the investments and how the asset base could grow. Today, after 30 years and a lot of changes Kjetil Holta is the sole owner of Holta Invest. The growth has been impressive and active ownership is still his recipe for success.


Four Holta generations

Ole Halvorsen Holta Halvor B Holta Ole Halvorsen Holta Kjetil Holta
(1851 – 1928) (1896 – 1979) (1924 –) (1965 –)
Played a key role in the acquisition of Tinfos Papirfabrik in 1894, together with his brother Hans Halvorsen Holta (1859-1841). He was general manager and chief executive from 1894 to 1928, and chairman in 1911-1928. He moved from Skien to Tunga Gård in Heddal in 1908, and this estate was to be the family’s main seat in Notodden for several generations to come. It is owned today by his grandson, Ole H Holta. Son of the founder, O H Holta. Developed the modern Tinfos group together with his son, Ole H Holta. Joined the board as early as 1923, was chief executive from 1928 to 1978, and served as chairman from 1942 to 1978. He expanded the business and proved to be a dynamic leader throughout his 50 years at the helm. He ensured that the way from idea to action was short. Son of Halvor B Holta. Played a very important role in the history of Tinfos. Took an MSc in metallurgy at the Norwegian Institute of Technology in Trondheim. Joined the board in 1958, served as chief executive from 1978 to 1990 and was chairman from 1990 to 1999. Major structural changes and a steady growth in turnover occurred under his leadership. He established Ole H Holta Holding, later Holta Invest AS, in 1983. He retired from the board in 2003. Youngest son of Ole H Holta. Secured control over Tinfos in 2000. He bought out his siblings and took over Holta Invest in 2002, and is its sole owner today. Became chair of Tinfos in 2002. Under his leadership, Tinfos enjoyed some very lucrative years, with big profits and dividends to shareholders. He was responsible for selling the group to France’s Eramet in 2008 – just before the financial crisis.



Books about and with the Holta Family

The books can be ordered from Holta Invest AS.

Holta i fire generasjoner 206 pages
Tinfos is the story of serial entrepreneurs who, with pioneering spirit and enthusiasm, created an industrial adventure of international proportions, based on a small pulp mill and a small paper factory at Notodden in 1894. With Kjetil Holta at the helm, Holta Invest AS celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2013. The company became the majority shareholder of Tinfos in 2000 and sold its shares to Eramet in 2008. There have been 30 eventful years with major changes.
Tinfosselskapene 160 pages
This book is primarily a picture book about the Tinfos plants in Telemark and Kvinesdal in southern Norway. The book was published on the occasion of the 100th anniversary in 1975. Halvor B. Holta has given a personal message in the book. “We want first of all to greet our friends and customers on five continents, and the book will be a remembrance and thanks for pleasant business relationships for many years.?
Hitterdalsboken 535 pages
The Hitterdal Book was published in 1926 by Ole H. Holta. This book focuses on genealogy and farm research in current Heddal. Hitterdal is the Norwegian, ancient, beautiful and powerful name of Heddal (originally Danish). Ole H. Holta collected and documented Hitterdal families in this book and recorded what is known about them as far back in time as the sparse sources allowed and were often based on oral accounts passed down from generation to generation.
Tunga 28 pages
The book, The Family Farm Tunga, was published in 1976 by Halvor B Holta. The farm came into the family in 1792 by way of Halvor Bjornsen Ramberg. Kjetil’s father Ole Holta lives on the farm today. The farm has been developed in several phases and with its fantastic location east of Heddal overlooking the water and Notodden, it is a cultural monument.
Det smærter mig meget at nedskrive disse Linjer til Eder 110 pages
“Det smærter mig meget at nedskrive disse Linjer til Eder? is an emigration history in letters. Emigration to the United States over a one hundred year period from the mid-1820s is an important chapter in our history. A series of America letters were sent to the Tunga farm in Heddal, in the period 1842-1852. The story deals with 27 year-old Heddølen Ellev Bjornsen and his 10 year younger sister, Anlaug, who emigrated from Tunga.